Dearest Agnes,

War. Again. We all thought we had been past this. Shouldn’t we all be unified now, all under a single banner?

It has been what, 15 years since all of the wars ceased? and Archea came to spread across the other three countries? All in the name of a concept of freedom, an equal share of power, a “democracy”? A promise of peace ever after? What a bunch of falsehoods. The well established cultures of our ancestors could never dream to remain eternally woven.

The vision of the greater possibilities blinded many, and turned soldiers eager to defend their countries into warriors fighting alongside those who were once their enemies. Tersonis fell first to the sway of the Archeans. Then the Drusnians. And with the combined remaining might, even mighty and proud Esthernus fell. The entire continent was claimed, a single flag waving above the land. The brothers who started the concept? One died in the fighting. The other, following election, reelection, and years of rule, died of a mysterious illness.

To replace this great man, what does this new system’s blossoming seed? The power of the people comes together to bring forth…

A ruthless and blackhearted general.

He tore away the newly forged foundation slowly and tactfully, diplomatically, and sometimes intimidatingly. Thankfully, the mistake was realized before it was too late, and he was forcefully removed from office. But in doing so, other lords had been able to organize militias for the ousting of power. A power vacuum formed. Conflict rose.

And it spread.

Bloodshed in this civil war, as different groups are taking their ideas and trying to force it upon others. “We want to restore the ways of old, our countries worked much better!” “No, we must fight to preserve the union that the dead fought for!” “But the new system is clearly flawed! No, if we are to stand united, we must have common ground!”

Unification is impossible. This much is clear. When will it be that people will finally be satisfied, and peace secured. At this time, with resources scarce, between food, economy, and materials all gripped with scarcity, will we all come out of this armageddon alive?

Perhaps we shall, and time shall tell.

~Ghevius, a message to his family in Canter

(Project Armageddon is using a homebrew gaming system known as the Open Gaming System. Rulebook and other such things will come in time, along with the campaign’s current players, world view, additional backstory, etc.)

Project Armageddon