Project Armageddon

Getting started

It has begun

So, this is the campaign I’ve joined Obsidian Portal to post. It is run using a custom system known as the Open Gaming System, OGS for short. In concept, it was created by Matt Knox, and it has been expanded and made my own. It is a skill centric system that borrows concepts from Shadowrun, AD&D, and modern style RPGs. It is intended to be an overarching backbone from which many different campaigns can be played, from medieval to western to futuristic. The dice of choice are d10s, and the system models the way life would function in as much simplicity as can be cultivated. It is in alpha testing with my group in Rochester. I have decided now to use this website as a baseline for further developments of not only the campaign, but the system as well.


Welcome to the site! We’re always happy to see new systems. I hope you find the site (and community) useful in your game and playtesting.

Getting started

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