Project Armageddon

Modification to Main Rules

OGS Rules Amendments

Changes in the rules:
- All ranged touch spell ranges have ranges increased to 2R in meters.

- All spells with augmented costs also have an increased range (50% per augmentation)

- Bolt ranges and Line ranges have increased to 5R meters.

- Cone’s range has increased to 3R meters.

- All spells developed from now on get more complex in terms of components to cast. Each spell level (Initiate, Apprentice, Adept, etc) requires an additional component without taking a rating point to remove said component. The requirements are: Material components (more expensive for higher level spells), somatic, verbal, or environmental conditions.

- Exploding Bolt spells have the range of bolt spells and still R meters for an explosion radius.

- Reactions may be used at any time to stack an action, but all appropriate penalties are taken into place for the duration of both actions. This may be done for all actions other than Move actions. (Stacking aims is allowed now)

- Players are required to have AT’s prepared for the sake of speeding up non-mass combat.

- Armor will now give a bonus to all body checks against specific types of checks as opposed to reducing Target Numbers for dice (which basically gave an all or nothing approach before). It may revert back to the previous format if armor is deemed not powerful enough now.



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