Charlie Charles

An Idol Student of Healing... wait, what?


A young man who grew up in Litvia as a son of traders of healing items, herbs, and concoctions. They were good parents with wonderful intentions, and provided Charlie with a private teacher to enhance his innate abilities, who succeeded to do so for a long while.

However, after receiving a mysterious package of illegal items, Charlie’s parents disappeared, and he faced down a mage by the name of Fei Wu. After a long scuffle, Charlie managed to entangle Fei Wu in his cellar and reached Yonstan, who then combatted Fei within the Charles cellar. When Yonstan emerged, a seal has been planted upon the cellar.

Charlie’s parents never returned.

Yonstan himself died of natural causes some time later, but not before he managed to get Charlie admitted to the Antioch School of Magic, with the intention of completing Charlie’s training in Restoration. He was outcast by other members of the school, and to an extent the faculty. He searched out ways to be able to uncover what truly happened to his parents.

A week ago, Charlie had been arisen by several disturbing dreams, and returned to Litvia to find the seal in his cellar gone. During the night, the attack took place. and Charlie told this story to his new comrades, who now take part in the journey to discover his motives and stop him.

Charlie has at times so far gone into a trance in which he became someone entirely different. In a sense, he moves from being considerate to cold and ruthless. He soon passes out of this phase, however… at somewhat inopportune times.

Charlie is explosive and unpredictable, but still moral, just, and kind… that is, when he isn’t twisted and meniacal. But that happens sometimes, doesn’t it?

Charlie Charles

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