Cyrus Dalia

The Double-Edged Sword


A young noble of House Dalia, a man of quick actions, quick results, and sharp swords… but not quite with as much sharp wit.

Cyrus managed to make a deal with the lord of House Haarkan, in which a prototype for an airship was wagered. This was brought into the possession of Cyrus as a result.

This has been widely regarded as a bad move, and made many people upset.

House Haarkan has been going out of its way in order to track down and enslave Cyrus for his actions, as the lord Haarkan feels as though the game was rigged, and wishes to enact its vengeance upon him.

Cyrus has been instrumental in giving the group contacts with which to be able to carry the party through difficult times.

Bold, confident, truthful, and perhaps a little naive, Cyrus follows the party under the orders of his parents, and basically, since these people are silently volunteer bodyguards, he doesn’t have much of a reason to end this arrangement.

Cyrus Dalia

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