Leon Aurimas

The Dancing Dagger


An apprentice to Darrus, a keeper of records in a Drusnian village far north of Litvia. Leon become good friends with his master’s adopted son, Rikard. Leon has a passion for learning, for history, and development of the wisdom and intracicies of life.

Leon has the ability to mask his actions well, and can grip daggers without actually using his hands, and control them using his mind. He fights with his reflexes and skill with this art.

Leon will often try to speak, but get drowned out by his companions, even when his wisdom shines forth. Wise but a bit timid, Leon can find it hard to get the attention of his comrades, and when he does, he is sometimes shunned. However, his wisdom has also gotten his friends out of trouble, and onto the right path. Leon also researches Tai Chi, and utilizes it as much as he can.

Leon joined the group when looking for his friend after the attack on Litvia. He hopes that over the course of his travels, he will at last find his friend, who left Drusnia years ago.

Leon Aurimas

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