Pliny (Plinyddian)

The Floating Mask


A yellow eyed man with a completely shut off exterior. He is described by some others to be “creepy”, but there are those who report feeling emboldened and more confident after his touch.

Which is a very, very scary thing.

Very little is known about Pliny. He appeared in Litvia the day of the siege, and got caught in the attack at the local inn. His efforts were noticed, and he was asked by the Litvian elder to find out what happened to protect the city. With nothing better to do, Pliny shrugged, and followed the other defenders, looking for more work.

Silent, cold, and abrasive, Pliny speaks very little. When he does, he takes on a role of solid leadership, and a certain pointedness that keeps the group on task.

Pliny (Plinyddian)

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