Yume Avalon

The Eyes of the Feline


A face of beauty, elegance, and entrancing eyes, Yume is a girl hailing from the village of Estonia, on the rough land between the forests and the hills near the capital Antioch. Her father died in a hunting accident when she was very young, but she has had mysterious eyes since she has known.

A timid girl of 18 years of age, Yume Avalon’s eyes do more than sparkle. Her eyes can become entranced, and knowledge of special abilities can be imbued upon her when she gazes at others. She claims to not have much control of it, but her potential as a spellcaster is remarkable.

Her prettiness has worked against her, as she drew the attention of a young noble by the name of Lucas, who attempted to force her hand in marriage. Her ardent refusal resulted in her town being utterly destroyed. She fled to anywhere she could go, and ended up in Litvia, deciding to move with the group to protect others in whatever way she can. She feels responsible for a great deal of death, and wishes to end the suffering of those around her.

She also discovered a cat in the ruins of a tower, which is now the only companion she has left. The cat seems to have taken residence in her blouse, and is cared for greatly by Yume.

Yume Avalon

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